Hee heee hee... Okay. I saw Live last night.. I am VERY sore this morning. Well We get there about 5:45 and we sit and wait.. and wait.. and wait... okay something like 7:05 rolls around and this band called Manbreak comes on. They were pretty damn kewl. I was so happy because I was in the mosh pit. Fun for me. The only bad part was I saw these MEAN b*tches from my Highschool days.. well lets say during Luscious Jackson, they were a little moshed.. I don't think I saw them afterwards. But anyway. Manbreak. They sounded english or irish.. it was like they couldn't make up their minds on what they wanted to be.. well they had some kewl humor and they had music which moshed well.. so I liked them. THEN oh my gosh.. these to ...PEOPLE.. start making out HALLO freaks.. you're in a freaking mosh pit... as much as people want to see free porn they don't want to see your asses grinding into each other.. and another thing.. you freaking flat chested sluts who just HAVE to take off your shirts during the concert.. this might make all the guys around you a little "crazy" but all their girlfriends are also ready to kill you.. take precautions in removing your shirt.. well anyway.. Luscious Jackson was what I expected sort of.. I was about 15-20 yards from the stage.. and well me being my 5foot 1 inch self.. i didn't see that much.. But the lead singer wanted us all to do the pogo dance which i was all happy to do, hell I had been doing it for most of the set anyway. And another thing about a mosh pit.. YOU SWEAT and people do tend to grab your ass alot. But being with krys and jev we looked out for each other.. and well evertime i fell (which was often.. I always tend to fall when a crowd sufer is over head because i loose what little balance i have) i was helped up.. It's strange being in a mass of bodies and you can't fall because there is just too many people. Anyway.. LIVE
Okay first song was Rattlesnake.. tres kewl. I couldn't see at all but what i did see what that eddie has HAIR.. yesh my friends, i have to take edward of the baldie list.. :( well he looks pretty good.. he had bright bleach blond hair (i think that is going to be my next trend article) Anyway. It was just beautiful. The set was full of sheet metal hangings and huge backdrops, the lighting was superb. They only thing was would of made it better was on of those giant screens which you can see the band better, but oh well. When Freaks came on Edward said, "This isn't about my mother, it's about your mother." It was a great concert and i am glad that i made it to the First venue on their '97 secret samadi tour. Edward said a few kewl things about his home town, and he ended with saying Thanx for always being there and always being there if you know what i mean.. then white, dicussion. I was all impressed. then i went home, and now i am sore.. well i can't wait until they return... i am definatly there..

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