Okay let me say that going to see Bush was F@*king Awesome. They are completely brilliant, and well all I can say is that I love them. SO THERE!!! Well I went to see Bush on July 4th at Hershey Park Stadium, the tickets were $32.50 through ticket master (who I am going to write a nasty article about soon). It was a beautiful day with a touch of wind, in other words, It wasn't roasting, and it wasn't humid. So anyway, Jesus Lizard and some other unknown group opened up for them. Now I am nearsighted, I can see near but I need glasses to see faraway, why am I telling you this?? Because the lead singer of Jesus Lizard came out onto stage wearing an apron, army boots, and what appeared to be NOTHING else. Yes my friends, you could quite clearly see his butt crack, and on top of that he was crowd surfing. So in the middle of their set, he pulls his little apron off and well thank god, he was wearing a thong. Jesus Lizard as an act was pretty good, they were an excellent warm up band and definitely worked the crowd, (although I really don't think the crowd needed any warming up.) Other than re-thinking the lead singer's outfit, they were kewl. BUSH. They opened with my Personal Holloway, Gavin was wearing a button up blue shirt and jeans, Nigel, Black, Dave black pants and I believe a T-shirt, and I couldn't really tell you what Robin was wearing. Gavin made some comments about Hershey being the chocolate town, and he Loves chocolate. Then during his third song, Gavin jumps off the stage and starts crowd surfing. I wish I was there. Gavin likes the word F*CK. What a poddy mouth. (I guess I am too) Anyway they had some alternate lyrics for Everything's Zen. Alien was purrty and everything ended with Little things, the last thing Gavin said was "Kill me Stone Dead". He then throughs he picks, water bottle, dropped his guitar on the stage, throughs a bra that was on the stage then waved good bye, as the fireworks started up. (presented by the edge 105.7) It was wonderful. Okay, so other than sitting on hard seats, walking a mile for parking, doing 3 flights of steps to my seat, paying 30 bucks for a shirt, paying $32.50 for the ticket, my friends NOT showing up, and being ignored by other "friends".. it was terrific. I definitely recommend seeing Gavin and the boys. I love ya.

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