Okay let me ask you all a simple question… What is the best show you have been to thus far??? How many of you can answer with out thinking, undecided, or you just don't know.. Well I Can honestly say that the best show I have been to was Goldfinger.. Now if you haven't heard of Goldfinger.. I suggest you buy a guy.. no.. I think you should turn around go to the music store and buy Either their self titled debut or their sophomore attempt "Hang ups".. Now about the concert.. Well I went to the Chameleon to see Goldfinger and a whole bunch of other shows, now The Chameleon is a rather small venue, but somehow and I know this is going to sound funny.. a "Homey" feel. Okay let me put it this way.. I came late to the Goldfinger show, but my friend krys and I fought our way to the front.. No easy feat. Well we waited for awhile with these nasty people and girls who didn't last at all once the concert started.. Well the concert starts and I was all excited to see John, Charlie, Simon, and Darren. John did a helluva lot of crowd surfing and even when the left after a set he announced that no one will be kicked out if they crowd surfed.. he said some more choice words about the one bodyguard/sound guy who the chameleon supplied.. Well it was an incredible concert I had about 2 people fall on me (crowd surfing) I was kicked in the head, in the neck… squished.. but I didn't care.. I was happy cause John was in front of me.. Well Darren got his turn to sing and he sung "Tub thumbing" by Chumbawumba which he sung to Simons crotch.. The last song they sung was Mabel. IT was beautiful.. but I was freaking sweating and thirsty. So we jumped out to my car before going around back to see the band.. I grabbed my Pooh bear and had them sign it.. which Darren thought was completely funny.. To show how down to earth these guys are.. Darren went into his bus, got his skateboard and skated to his hotel. Does that tell you anything?? Probably not.. well it was one helluva night.. I got a guitar pick.. my Pooh bear was signed.. I was dead ass broke. (we had to go around begging people in Lancaster for 40 cents) but this was probably the most perfect concert that I will ever see.. GOLDFINGER I LOVE YOU!!!!

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