Fool For Romance, Chapter 10

      It wasn’t the smartest thing I had done in my life, but by far it was the most enjoyable. Waking up in Evan’s arms was far more right than anything else I had ever done. The old house defiantly had a chill in the morning which made me snuggle closer to Evan’s warmth. Evan kissed me on the nose when he realized I was awake. He had been playing with my hair, as if he was waiting for me to wake up. “Good morning.”
      “Morning.” I gave him a brief kiss. We laid there for a while, just enjoying being in bed.
      “Remind me to thank Shannon.”
      “Why?” that was something odd to say.
      “Her scheming worked.” he was grinning from ear to ear. I yanked the pillow out from under his head and pelted him with it. When things had settled down again. Evan turned serious. “Stay away from Greg.”
      Instantly I was on edge, “Not this again. When are you going to stop this stupid game. I think that you have won in that respect.”
      Evan was tracing patterns on my forearm with his index finger.“It’s not a game Randy, I’m serious. The farther you are away from Greg Phillips, the better you will be.” I didn’t want to hear it.
      “That is the lamest excuse I have heard,” I slid from the bed and as my bare feet hit the floor boards I had second thoughts about leaving it. But I persevered finding my jeans crumbled up on the floor. I zipped them up and found my sweat shirt. I pocketed my panties and bra. Evan watched me dressing as if was a strip show in reverse.
      “It’s not an excuse,” he said, his voice an octave lower. I was having an effect on him. “Greg is... dangerous...” I sat back on the bed to put on my sneakers.
      “Not that this makes, it is any of your business, but I have already made the discion not to see Greg anymore, professionally and socially. We were only ever friends, but no one seems to get that through their heads. We aren’t even friends anymore.” I looked under my pillow for my hair tie that Evan had pulled from my hair. Finding it, I bunched my hair on top of my head. I then sat back on the bed facing Evan, I placed both plams on his naked chest and said in a mock English accent imitating Austin Powers. “Do I make you horny?”
      “Damn right you do.” Evan reached for me but I squirmed away. “And you know it.”
      “Yeah well, you’ll just have to take a cold shower. Shannon is probably worried sick about me.”
      “Shannon is probably waiting by the door waiting for a play by play synopsis” He joked as he found his jeans. I knew what he was going through as he watched me dress. I was going to have to go home and take a cold shower. “Well?” Evan was dressed looking at me as if he wanted me to answer.
      “What?” I must have missed what he said. I was too preoccupied with watching him pull the waste band of his jeans over his ass. “Are you going to kiss and tell?”
      This time I was the one to smile from ear to ear. “Would serve a cocky jock like you right. You probably had enough of your own locker room bragging in your day.”
      “Me?” he fawned shock. “I would never blemish a lady’s reputation by discussing her in a locker room.”
      “You’re a damn liar.” I laughed. He wrestled me to the bed and dropped kisses over my face.
      “Well, just remember, it’s my honor you are ruining.”
      “Oh well then, would you mind if I ruined it again right now?” I said finding the zipper to his jeans and releasing his hot length.
      “Well if it is already tarnished.” He said in a rush of breath.


     After Evan dropped me off I watched him drive away. It was odd feeling to be this in love with someone and have to keep it a secret. Maybe Evan would realize that he loved me too, or maybe that was my romantic side with it’s wishful thinking again.

Chapter 11
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