Fool For Romance, Chapter 11

      Well?” Evan was right, Shannon was sitting on the couch even though it was 7 am. Shannon was on the verge of nervous excitement.
      “Well, what? If your little scheming worked? I’m not going to tell you. Maybe then you will stop.” I said purposely making my voice devoid of any emotion.
      “Come on Randy. Tell me.” she was whining. I would have let her keep on doing it, but it was getting annoying quick, and she knew it. “FINE!” I though up my hands in excitement.
      “Details, I want details. Did you have sex?”
      “I am not going to tell you that, you won’t even tell me about Noel.” “You have, I can tell by your glow!” She was all excited as she sat with her legs underneath her on the couch.
      I slouched on the couch with her. “Yes, and it was unbelievable. It was... perfect.”
      “Oh my gosh.” Shannon almost launched herself towards me, as she grabbed my arm and shook me, “You are in love with Evan!” I tried to play it off, it wasn’t fair that she could read me like an open book. “Yeah...right, me love Evan. HA.”
      She throw a pillow off the couch and hit me. “You are too, admit it.” “Fine, I admit it. I love Evan Johanson, may God strike me dead for it.” but saying it out loud didn’t give me any comfort.“It’s not like he knows,” I turned suddenly realizing what I said. “And you aren’t going to tell him. You can keep your mouth shut.”
      She pretended to zip her lips shut then throw away the key, “I will not tell him, but you have to, it will be sooo.... romantic.”
      “Romantic. You who doesn’t believe in romance, or true love.” I said sarcastically. “Besides, he is leaving once his development project is done. He doesn’t want to stay in this town.”
      “Well then go with him idiot. Man, you are thick.” She was ready to ship me off.
      “No, he doesn’t love me anyway. I probably am just amusing him while he is stuck here.”
      “You are so wrong.” Shannon crossed her arms over her chest. “You’ll see.”
      “Yeah, I see that I finally fall in love and I can’t do anything about it. I might as well just had gone for Greg.”
      Shannon made a face. “Don’t settle.” Now I frowned at her. “Who is settling. I don’t get anything out of this deal, well maybe a few good tumbles.” Shannon hit me with a pillow again. “What? you are the one who wanted details.”
      “You, Miranda Olivia James, are hopeless.”

Chapter 12
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