Welcome to my little world. My name is Tina and I will be your guide through this mess... I have posted some of my writing, which include my poetry and articles which I have written. They aren't the published articles which I produced in my sojourn into the realm of college newspaper writing, but maybe later. I also am posting some of my very own pictures and art work. I work with pictures and love to take pictures, but alas, I do not pretend, nor hope to be, a professional photographer.. I just like doing it. Anyway I am sure that you are all aware of the copyright laws on and off the web, I am reminded of them everyday, so please don't steal anything or I will be forced to hunt you down and gut you out like the ignorant pig that you might be... 'ain't that just a lovely thought.. oh well just to get my point across. Not that i wouldn't be flattered... just ask :) Okay in the immortal words of the guy from RBF in his intro to hungry like a wolf "Let's do this..."

My Writings

My poetry, articles, and other writings

My Pictures

They aren't OF me, I took them... some are kinda artsy fartsy so I apologize in advance


some linx that I can't live with out... well I can since I haven't updated them for about 3 years... DAS IST SHADE!!!

This is your Number... I don't really care what you do with it.. it's for me.. not you...

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