90's videos clichès

I know you have seen them. Anyone who has watched MTV has. It's a video clichè. Something that is repeated over and over in videos. Things that a video SIMPLY MUST have. Well we, My friends Krys, Jev, Sheri and I, have started a list, it may be a little comical, but it is all true. First a little background.
I'm sure if you are a child of the 80's you remember the 80's videos clichès. If you slept through the 80's, which some people wish they did, MTV did a wonderful job at reliving the 80's through video on their TV program title what else "The 80's." So anyway some of the clichès carry over into the 90's so I might as well mention a few. Candles, scantily clad women, breaking mirrors, breaking doors, breaking windows, breaking musical instruments, okay breaking anything, FIRE, and mostly anything that doesn't belong there i.e. blue, purple and/or red smoke in fields, hallways, streets, and doorways. Wispy materials blowing out windows, doorways, off scantily clad women. Exotic animals like tigers, giraffes, leopards etc. Also choreographed dance videos were big. Now, did that refresh your memory?? Good because thus begins the list

There are some examples.. there are many more. The list WILL continue……

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