Ticket Master
Have you ever gone to a concert? Of course! I mean it's like an american tradition. Well I have been to a couple concerts this past year. STP, Brooks and Dunn, Bush, and Live. With the exception of STP I purchased all my tickets through Ticket Master. Okay here a simple math problem showing how much ticket master is making. Okay my LIVE ticket was $20.00 this is a low price, but the band wanted it that way So you would expect to pay $20 right?? No. First you have tax. Okay no biggie add another $2.75 that' s more then 10% you know the govn't has to have their share.) So we are up to $22.75, now ticket master has to get their share also. I mean they ARE the middle man, and how ELSE would you get a ticket? Go to the box office??? (which doesn't guarntee you a ticket or a good seat, but then again neither does ticket master) So for the "favor" they charge an extra 22%.. $4.50... bringing the total to a whoopping $27.25. This is general admission. The ironic twist to all of this is...Right on the ticket Ticket Master prints "ALL TIX TWENTY BUCKS" and under that is says in tiny letters NOT INC APP/SERV CHR/TAX. Now I am not saying that is an outragious price. I have paid more, for a concert. (READING??? Actually that was bought for me.. but still that was hugely expensive but it was also three days and had MANY HUGE HEADLINERS) But prices are getting absurd. I saw Fuel, Tonic, and Verve Pipe at Millersville for $7 The Chameleon Club in Lancaster has awesome shows,(ex. Reel Big Fish, Gold Finger, Veruca Salt) all under 20 bucks. The bigger venues want more money and ticket master comes into play, because all the fans LET them. I am just as guilty as everyone else. I AM willing to pay $32.50 to see Gavin shirtless sweating and gyrating on a stage. Yes I will pay $27.25 to see Edwards bald head and weird facial contortions, but when it is all said and done, money had nothing to do with that. Other than buying t-shirts, stickers, and programs. Anti-Oasis Concert and Record Reviews Odd and ends Movie Reviews