Why Oasis Sux
Part 3

Hallo again. I'm back with more "news" about my buddies, Oasis. It makes you wonder what I have against the poor tarts. Absolutly NOTHING. Yeah I know you are probably asking "Then why write a column about Oasis?" Well what other band can I find sooo much dirt out there about then? I mean they basically (meaning Noel and Liam, who seem to run the group with an iron fist) put down everything I am. (an american cyberfreak) and well I just see it as a little way of somehow giving it back in full. Not they will ever read this. Yeah right. Not that Noel knows HOW to use a computer.

Okay so I was looking for something to write this article on, so I landed my butt on the MTV web site. I don't know if they actually try it but MTV seems a little ANTI-oasis also. (it's true!!! look at the articles) Anyway. After all this rucuss about violation of copyright and all that, Oasis was ready to release their new single simutaniously through out the realm (being UK)The song "D'You know what I mean".. well the one big radio station RADIO ONE was suppose to have the dibs on being first, well some other radio stations played the song before Radio ONE even had their copy of the song. This enraged Creation (oasis's label) and they demanded to know who gave them the song. When the radio stations refused to cooperate, Creation called the cops, who are now looking in to the matter.. Okay get off it. This is neither the first or last time a radio station "steals" a song. It's out, Oasis is given credit, whoppee. get over it.. D'you know what I mean???

Oasis's had an ex-drummer. In 1995 Tony McCarrol was fired from Oasis. I don't know why neither do I care, but he is suing for 18 million pounds. (that is about 27 million bucks) That in it's self is kinda stupid, here's the kicker, the same scenario happened to the Beatles and their fired drummer, Pete Best. They are playing is up so much that McCarrol is using the same laywer that Pete Best used. I don't know what to comment about this. I mean they OASIS says repeatedly that they are BETTER than the beatles, but how can you be better than someone you copy??? Well that is it my chums... tell next time...

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