I am back with more news about my "fav" british band. (I use "fav" sarcastically) Well I was going on merry way around the web..(which I am known to do.. for days)and I came across one of my old favorite Oasis pages. Well it said all about how sorry they were because they couldn't afford to be sued so they took off all lyrics and pictures and they really didn't have anything, but you could still buy Oasis t-shirts if you wanted..etc.. Now I am thinking.(yes I do that occasionally) "This band, company, enterprise...whatever, they threaten you with a law suit, which you back down from. Instead of being angry like i would be they are still selling t-shirts for these bastards....okay...whatever" maybe i am just different that's all. (of course there i am refusing to listen to the New Pumpkins song because it is not the same.. hey I am wacky.. what can I say?)

But wait there is more.. (you are probably like "Tina get off your freakin' soap box..I am tired of reading this" well if you are STOP!!!) I was reading yet another web page. (no I don't have anything else to do..) and there was an article about Noel Gallagher. Get this... the band isn't responsible for the internet suits. OH REALLY.. okay I believe ya Noel. NOT!!.. He says that he doens't know anything about the internet and doens't really care about it either (sort of like america)He says buy a guitar, and proceeds to make fun of the web and everything else. Well I just have one thing to say to good ol' Noel "MY FREAKIN GRANDMOTHER KNOWS ABOUT THE INTERNET YOU SNOT... Join the 21st centery you toad!" And that my friends is all I have to say about that..at least for now...
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