The first exposure I had with Oasis was 2 years ago when I visited England. Now England is a jolly old country, and things are really different, I mean the toilets are impossible. So anyway, I went in the summer of 1995, which was about the height of the Blur/Oasis war. Two big bands from Manchester, England, which I really didn't think were all that kewl because they were really "POPPIE", and only the comment from Billy Corgan at the Reading Festival about sucking one of lead singer's dick struck my interest. I mean they sounded "cute", with a song about a loving a girl and going into the country. So I just dismissed it as something English, like the refrigerators or margarine. So I get home, and back to my senior year of highschool. (sigh) and who do I hear and see around my little school in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania? OASIS. I almost died of pure laughter. I mean in America Oasis was this bad dirty alternative force, and Blur had this weird song about homosexuals and Lesbians. Humor was abound. So I went along with the main stream, and liked Oasis. They were pretty decent, as far as I knew and their album "What's the Story (Morning Glory)" kicked ass. ( I won't tell you how many times I have listened to it full blast in the car) But alas, I was just a little curious about these Oasis guys. I mean I heard rumors about their arrogant nature, and drug charges, but wasn't willing to believe until I read some proof, and boy was I floored when I finally did read. It seemed that Oasis thought America was just a nice enough to buy their records, other than that we were complete simps and they would NEVER tour here. That burst my bubble. I thought "what dicks!". They also are arrogant enough to think that they are better than the Beatles. Keep dreaming boys. So I left it like that, thinking that they were arrogant pigs who wrote decent music.

I was watching MTV one day. And who do I see on the news but OASIS. So I listened being the curious type that I am. Those pricks. They were suing all the unofficial web pages for having copyrighted material on their pages. What the hell? I mean they are THAT obnoxious to think that someone would steal their shit.. and they NOT get paid for it. Oh poor Oasis, not getting enough money so it can disappear up your nose. You greedy bastards. Then they say they if it doesn't stop that they will shut down the Official web page. May everyone roll their eyes at once… These egotistical British bastards think they can tell us how and when we can enjoy them. I say we dump them like a blind date. Forget about the accursed overbearing snobs… LIKE BLUR!!!!!!

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