I have found when I can't write that everything around me is more important. Usually I am a procrastinator, so everyone knows when I have writer's block. My room is read up, the house is clean. I have watched at least 3 hours of home improvement shows (this helps me in redecorating), and read at least 3 books. You know it, and the funny thing is that it sux. So now you all can tell that I couldn't come up with topics, because I am writing about it… So I was talking to a friend, and well he suggested doing an expose on a few authors of the classics. I told him ,"I don't think that people would particularly enjoy me making fun of great author's such as Dickinson, Byron etc.." I don't think anyone would mind me poking fun at myself, tarded as I am sometimes.. Now let's see some of the things I tried to write about this month…. Trendieness.. What is it?? I wrote about a paragraph before I burst up laughing. Why not to shop with your best friend.. I only threatened to write this because Krys took me to every clothes store (okay most of them) in the Mall, but then I realized, if you don't shop with your friends who do you shop with?? Strangers.. and here is a random thought… why do they call flip flops "thongs", they don't look like that interesting underwear which is forever stuck up your butt-crack?? IS it more CHIC??? Anyway. I wanted to write an article about Kevin Smith, about what a great director/writer he is…. But that turned into the Chasing Amy Review… So that was about all the ideas I had this month. So if you are wondering why all the graffix look nice and don't have that many articles, here's the answer.. '

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