Faerie Storie, Prologue

    This idea of Love that transcends time and space is not a new one. For generations there have been stories passed down by word of mouth which have told of men and women falling in love and living happily ever after, or for the most part ever after. Some of these myths, fables, legends or folk tales tell of the fairie folk. Sometimes helpful, sometimes mischievous, sometimes scornful. But they fall in love as well....

   “Mom, are you ready?” The hard ‘o’ in mom always fell hard on her ears, but this was her beloved blond haired daughter so she would ignore it. She hated this country, America. Never had there ever been so much wide open spaces with nothing but noise. She dreamed of going home to her Ireland. This land, Pennsylvania, had no magic. She wouldn’t miss it when she was gone.
   “Yes, love, I am ready. Do ya have our boarding passes?” She spoke in a quaint lilt, which she still had despite the years abroad.
   “Of course. Are you sure about this thing with Aunt Bernice? Dad never had anything nice to say about her, I mean isn’t she the reason you left Ireland anyway?”
   “Bernice meant well, and your Da, God rest his soul, couldn’t get past certain things, but that is all in the past. Bernice says we have business to attend to.” She tried to keep the extra emotion out of her voice. She despised Bernice, and if she would have her way she would be turned into a toad to vex her black soul, but Simon, her dear husband didn’t want it . “Your Da’s first book shop has been standing empty all these years, and Bernice wrote to tell us that there are several buyers.”
   “Why didn’t Dad sell it when you moved here? I am sure that you probably could have used the money,” Her daughter said in the typical way, which always intrigued her.
   “He wouldn’t hear of it. He wanted it as a part of our roots. He hoped.. now that is neither here nor there... I believe they are calling us.” Simon had kept the shop because he always hoped that their daughter would one day go back there. She didn’t need to tell her that, it would only frighten her, as would the real reason they left Ireland.
   They picked up their carry on luggage and moved to the boarding ramp. She didn’t want to tell her of the past yet. She needed to be in Ireland before she did so, she needed to regain her senses. It had been thirty years since she had left her home, the isle of magic, and she didn’t want to tell her daughter the real reason she was going back to Ireland. It had been calling to her, and since Simon, her true love, had died 2 years ago, there wasn’t any reason to stay in America. In fact there wasn’t any reason for her to pretend to be something that she wasn’t. She was going home to be reborn again.

Chapter 1
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