Fool For Romance, Epilogue

      You didnít think I would just let you go there. I am a romantic not a sadist. I like to hear the complete end of the story besides they lived happily ever after.
      We got married the next June, and it was a whole town event. We could have probably sold tickets and had it at the football field, although that would raise some questions on ironic situations. Shannon was my matron of honor, although she was almost 8 months pregnant and cursing all the way. She had insisted on it. My side of the church was filled with all my family, who thought this blessed event would never take place. Guess I showed them. Harry gave me away since he played the biggest part in getting Evan and I together. My mother wept like the proud parent she was.
      It didnít help much for her mascara when we announced at the wedding reception that I was 2 months pregnant. A fact that the gossip mill hadnít found out. Needless to say there wasnít a dry eye in the place.
      Evan kept his promise to add on to the grand old house when our daughter Fionna Ann Johanson was born in December, and was soon followed by her brothers Eli and Michael. He will have to add on more when I deliver our twins hopefully in 3 more months. I havenít been able to see my feet for about a month now and Evan has had to tie my sneakers before my morning run, but itís worth it.
      Evan is still designing buildings and building them when he gets a chance. The development did really well making everyone including us a lot of money.
      Me, well I got the writing bug right after Fionna was born and I decided to write about the people here in our town, and our history. It caught on so well that other towns have asked me to write about their towns. Evan likes to help me out when he can.
      Shannon and Noel are still married and also have a bunch of children, who play with our children and one day maybe her daughter Olivia will have the same relationship with Fionna that Shannon and I have.
      Mom has no idea what to do with all her grandchildren. She carries all their pictures around with her in an album, I hate to be the poor sucker who has to sit there and listen to her babble about Fiís first ballet recital or how Eli and Evan are building a tree house in the back yard or how Michael canít sleep without his stuffed zebra.
      Harry and Aunt Lindy never did move to Florida, Harry decided to accept the councilís nomination of him for mayor. Harry was happy, he never wanted to retire anyway. He enjoys teasing me about being the town historian. Well we donít always choose what dreams will come true. I am just glad that I found my niche.
      As for Greg, after he resigned and accepted a plea bargain for help, he moved away from town. I hear he is doing well, and has a small law office in Minnesota.
      My life isnít perfect, far from it, I am forced to remember that every time something happens, like when the roof caved in and we had to have it replaced. Or when Evan decided to remodel the kitchen and it took longer than expected and this resulted in having to have whole house rewired, for the love of an old house. Or when my car finally died, or when Michael is dressed up how he always finds the biggest mud puddle to play in, he is just like his father. Or how my feet swell to three times their size in the evening.
      These things are small compared to the love that I found with Evan, we still enjoy sharing a pint, or two since I am pregnant, of Ben and Jerryís while we lie on our comfy couch telling each other about our day, and although I feel like I am as big as a house right now, Evan tells me every morning how much he loves me and how beautiful I am, not to mention our very active love life. Evan is my true love that I hoped for at the beginning of this story, and to think he was right under my nose for the most part of my life. My romantic side likes to tease my cynical side, which is in semi retirement, it likes to rear itís ugly head when Evan and I argue, which is often due to my nature. Which brings me to a sudden conclusion, Evan must really love me to put up with a nag like me. Iím lucky. I found my right guy that I was hoping for. Hope is a powerful thing, if you donít have it the future is a bleak place, but if you do have it the world is yours.

The End
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