Fool For Romance, Chapter 4

      So now I was a woman with a plan. Other people just didn’t know this plan was the problem. For instance, all the other news reporters were out of the office when Melvin got the bright idea that he needed a space filler for the evening edition. Acting on a tip from his good friend Harry Montour, he wanted me to interview Evan Johanson on his new developmental project. Like I couldn’t see that one coming a mile away. I was being out maneuvered, but by whom was the real question.
     I had called Greg at lunch, and apologized for snapping at him the previous day. He said that he was sorry that he presumed I was ready to leave, but had to say that I was wrong by going out into the back parking lot and smoking. It was always a two fold arguement with Greg. We made plans to go see a movie that evening, it being Friday and all. I didn’t have the nerve to bring up Evan, or ask why Greg and he were arguing yesterday. I also didn’t mention how I had made an appointment to have a phone interview with Evan later in the afternoon. I wasn’t lying, just not forth coming with the truth.
     As for Evan, the phone interview never happened, which is why I found myself driving across town like a woman scorned , shortly there after. If I had been mad when he was asking me his dirty little question, I was sure at the boiling point now. It was one thing to stand me up in a date situation, it has happened before, but you don’t stand me up with my job, I may not be great at it, but it isn’t from lack of effort.
     I had to drive out the old Lehman Farm, which had a beautiful old stone house. It was empty and I wasn’t sure if they were going to tear it down or not, I hoped not because that fine old place needed to have a loud boisterous family in it. If I ever got married I would want a house like that.
     I found Evan out in the middle of a what use to be corn field. It looked as if he were testing the soil or something. I really didn’t care what the hell he was doing as I trudged across the field, in heels and a skirt. The skirt wasn’t a micro, but it still was short causing me to take smaller steps, I had worn a long wool coat over it and now the bottom of that was getting mud on it. Once having found him, I waited, ever so patiently, until I had his full, undivided attention. Upon seeing me stand there tapping my foot, he looked up and smiled that devil may care smile of his. “Hello Randy” he drawled, reaching his full height, which towered over me.
     I wasn’t going to be intimidated by him, “You are an inconsiderate, arrogant, pompous, self absorbed asshole, with delusions of grandeur.” I started, loosing my temper, okay I was intimidated by him, and I was showing it well. “When I make a damn appointment with you for an interview, I expect you to be there, or at least, have left me a message. I for one don’t need to be pacing all over the boondocks for a bastard like you.”
     “What happened to that carefree girl we all know and love.” He said sarcastically. I was never carefree and he knew it. It wasn’t an overly mean statement, but for me the remark cut too close to home. “That’s it, I am NOT doing this assignment, I don’t care if Melvin fires me, you haven’t changed at all.” With that I turned on my heel.
     My heels had sunk into the mud, which made my escape almost impossible, especially with the limited movement that my skirt allowed me. With rage beyond my control, I stepped out of my ruined pumps and left them where they were then managed to hike up my skirt underneath my coat and started walking through the abandoned corn field in my pantyhose clad feet, mud and rocks swishing in between my toes, but at least I was moving. It didn’t take me long to realize that Evan was following me. He stopped me with a hand on my shoulder.
     “You forgot these,” I couldn’t tell if he was being sincere or somehow sarcastic. I was in the mood for neither.
     “They’re ruined. You can keep them as a souvenir, since I am never going to talk to you again.” I continued forward, but Evan caught my arm and swung me around, and said, “Yeah, then I can tell Greg how you left them while we were having our afternoon fuck.” He said deviously.
     I brought my hand up sharply that almost made contact with his face, but he caught my wrist in his hand. “My, what a temper you got Randy, are you sure you’re not sleeping with Greg.”
     I tried to twist my wrist out of his grasp, but he was too strong. “I am not sleeping with Greg, and even if I were it wouldn’t be your fucking business, would it?” I said between clenched teeth, still pulling for all I was worth on my arm. I don’t know what happened next, because Evan moved too fast, but I suddenly was thrust over his shoulder face down. “Put me down you jack ass.” I tried to kicked my feet and hit him with my hands but he was immune to my pummels. He carried me to my car where he sat me down on the hood like a sack of potatoes.
     “Next time, you follow me out into a corn field you better damn well dress for it.” he told me as he started to back away. Regaining my voice I said rather bluntly, “There won’t be a next time.” With that he swung around and captured my face between his two large hands, and his lips descended down on mine for what my romantic side considers one of the most passionate kisses of all time, Romeo and Juliet had nothing on us. He skillfully manipulated my mouth open so our tongues could mate wildly, his hands moving down my back and around front to the parted lapels of my of my coat which were now wide open at my thighs. He cupped my buttocks underneath my hiked up skirt, and pulled me closer to him leaving me no choice but to twine my arms around his neck.
     Yes, my practicality was impaired, as was my cynic nature, let’s face it my under worked romantic side was on overdrive. I was so caught up in the moment, and somehow achieving all my teenage fantasies was what a part of me wanted.
     I didn’t realize when Evan stopped kissing me, his hands started to unbutton the rest of my coat, then he started on the tiny pearl buttons of my blouse, his head moved down to my left breast where he took the silk covered nipple between his warm lips, leaving a heated trail where he went. I let out a small sigh, a his lips recaptured mine, that’s when I heard him say against my mouth, “There will be a next time, once you realize how wrong it is with Greg.”
     It took me a couple seconds to realize what he said, seeing as my sensible mind was away, and this was the most action that I had had in a while. So when it finally dawned on me what he had said, and what it had meant, I felt my angry grow. I started to push him away from me, wondering how I could have let him take so many advantages. I pulled my coat closed across my chest and jumped down from the coldness of the car hood. Evan watched me, not with surprise, because his comment had the desired effect on me. He wanted to show me that he could get a response out of me that Greg never could. How dare he assume so much, how dare he abuse my sensibilities, how dare he hurt the scared shy teenager that wanted him oh so much. Furious at myself as well as him, I did swing a punch at his face, and this time, it did connect quite hard because it hurt my hand. Not caring if I had caused him due damage or not, I got into my car and drove away, leaving him standing there with a wicked grin to his handsome face as he held a hand over his right eye.

Chapter 5
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