Fool For Romance, Chapter 14

      I was now worried. Mom left later that evening making sure that Evan watch me, like I was a two year old or something She had given him strict orders only to give me my a pain pill only if I ate. He promised her and she left happily. But that had been a few hours ago, and I was lying on the couch in the crook of Evan’s arm watching some TV show that I wasn’t following. Shannon wasn’t home, and this being a school night I was surprised.
      I kept watching the clock, even though my eyes were drooping. I would come awake with a shake when I fell asleep. Evan was either getting jumpy himself or was sick of my little tremors because he asked me what was wrong.
      “Shannon should be home by now.” I said.
      “Do you want me to call over at Noel’s?” he wanted to set my worries to rest. I nodded and he picked up the phone on the end table and the sheet of paper which Shannon had left Noel’s number in case of an emergency. “Now won’t you feel stupid if I am interrupting something.” he said as he dialed. He frowned after a couple of minutes. “They either aren’t picking up the phone, or they are out.”
      “That’s odd. Shannon has school tomorrow. ” I couldn’t shake the feeling that something strange was going on.
      “She’ll probably be home soon, but I think it’s time you went to bed and stopped worrying about it.”
      “Aye aye captain.” The drugs were take effect.
      Evan tucked me into bed then kissed me gently and was turning to leave when I grabbed his arm. “Stay, I don’t want you to leave me.” I pleaded, I silently added forever.
      “You sure?” I nodded. He stripped down to his skivies then slid between the cool sheets and enveloped me in his embrace. I sighed in contentment, this was the perfect place to be at least for the moment.”You always are so warm.” I murmured absently.
      I felt Evan’s heated whisper on my forehead, “You still have that headache?”
      “Nope,” I yawned, “I like Pain pills.”
      “We are going to have to talk about this arrangement,” he said seriously.
      I avoided the subject the best way I knew how, “What is there to talk about, I like you, you like me, we are sleeping together, end of story, I don’t want to talk about anything else.” I kissed him then snuggled closer to him.
      He was smoothing my hair, “I will let you get away with that for now, but soon things will come to a point that we will have to talk about.” My eyes started to mist, and I know he could feel the wetness of my tears on his chest, but he still held me, until I slept.


      I awoke to an empty bed. Evan left a note saying that he had an early morning appointment with the development committee.
      Melvin also called and told me that I was suppose to take the week off, mandatory leave, it would be paid, I was just suppose to get better. He said the Editor and chief advised it. I think Melvin’s motives were noble but I also think that they thought I would be making more news in the office then the news.
      Shannon had not come home, I was getting very worried, that worry only increased when the school called and asked me if Shannon and I were all right. They must have heard about the incident with Greg.
      I covered for Shannon, and said that we both were on pain killers and that we both overslept. The principal said that was all right, but she needed Shannon to call in when she was not going to be there. My mom showed up at 3 when her shift at the hospital was over. She asked me where Shannon was, and I burst into tears.
      “I don’t know mom. She never came home last night. “ I told her all about Shannon’s school calling and how Evan called Noel’s last night. I was near hysterical, and my mom was worried about my blood pressure, but fortunately my doctor had thought of just such a situation, and knowing my mom was a nurse, she had prescribed my tranquilizers, and they knocked me out.
      Next thing I know Mom left and Evan was there. I was stretched on the couch, one of my mother’s blankets covering me. Evan was on the phone, several large sheets of papers were on the floor spread out around him. He looked to be busy, and my head felt like it was full of cotton. Evan noticed that I was awake, and told who ever was on the phone that he had to go. “How are you feeling sweetheart?”
      “Fuzzy, where’s mom?”
      “She went home after I got here.”
      “What about Shannon?” I sat up and waited for the room to stop spinning.
      “No word, but I did call Noel’s again, and to his work. He wasn’t there either. I didn’t call Shannon’s mom yet, I don’t want to upset her.” I nodded. “What about the Police?”
      “We could, but isn’t there a 48 hour rule?”
      I shrugged. “What are you doing?”
      “Some work for the development. Wanna see?”
      I nodded, and he showed me the plans, for several of the houses. He also showed me the scale drawings which he had drawn. I could tell that he had been working on them for awhile. “And this one is the colonial reproduction.” he showed me a drawing of a two story house.
      “I like that one better than the ranch,” I said suppressing a yawn. It seemed all I did for the past couple of days was sleep, but I was still tired. “Did your meeting go well?”
      Evan was suddenly tight lipped, “It went well, the investors are pleased with the progress that we have made so far...” “There is a but in there isn’t there.”
      “I have to go out of town for a couple of days.” he said.
      I wasn’t surprised, I had known he was going to leave, I just didn’t know it was going to be this soon. I suppressed my anxiety and nonchalantly shrugged, “If you have to go, go, don’t worry about me. I am a big girl, I can take care of myself.” I couldn’t have said anything farther from the truth, my best friend was missing, the man I love was leaving me for who knows how long, maybe if he left he would realize how messed up I was.
      “I know you don’t want to talk about the future, and I don’t want to rush you but I just don’t want to leave with everything up in the air like this.”
      “Don’t be ridiculous, I will be here when you get back.” if you come back, I added under my breath.
      “Okay, if you are sure.”
      “Evan, GO.” did I have to spell it out for him? Why did I have to practically push him away, he wanted to go, didn’t he?

      Shannon called early the next morning. Before I could ask her where the hell she was and what was she thinking! She gushed extreme happiness over the phone.
      “Randy, I got married!”
      “Noel and I flew to Las Vegas and got married.” she explained, it didn’t help, I was still confused and groggy from answering the phone. Evan, who spent the night again, was awake and throwing me questioning glances.
      “Shannon, we were all worried about you, why didn’t you tell me where you were going.”
      “I didn’t want to upset you, you have been through enough.” Shannon said meekly over the phone.
      “Well you could have thought of that before you left I was worried sick, Mom had to give me a tranquilizer yesterday.” I was getting upset again. Evan took the phone before I became hysterical.
      He talked to Shannon, then started to laugh. “Yes, she will be fine, I think she is just mad that you didn’t take her.” Shannon said something else. “So I guess the gossip is true then.” Evan paused. “Really, congratulations. Can’t wait to see you when you get home. Okay, I'll tell her. bye bye.” I glared at him.
      “Are you done?” I snapped.
      “You just aren’t a morning person, what’s the matter, you in pain again?”
      “No, what did the runaway bride have to say.”
      “I was right. She was pregnant, so she and Noel flew off to Las Vegas on the spur of the moment on Sunday night.”
      “She could have called.” I was pouting, I admit it. Shannon was MY best friend, and she couldn’t even tell me she was getting married or that she was pregnant.
      “You’ll get over it, at least you know she is okay.” Evan looked at his watch, and started to get up. “I have to stop by the Lehman house before my flight, are you going to be all right?”
      “If you ask me that again, you aren’t going to be.” I said nastily.
      “Yes, my little spitfire.” He kissed me, but suddenly I was swept up in the moment. This might be the last time I ever see him. I wrapped my uncasted arm around his neck and pulled him back down on the bed. “I don’t have time for this, Randy.”
      “Sure ya do.” I said reaching for the waistband of his boxers and taking his hot hard length into my hand. He groaned, giving into my ministrations. “You are a little demon.” Needless to say, Evan was late for his flight.

Chapter 15
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