Chasing Amy

Let me first start this out by saying that Kevin Smith, in my opinion is the greatest writer/director that has lived. (So you think this review is going to be just a little biased????)

I wanted to see "Chasing Amy" very badly. I saw "Clerks" and "Mallrats" and loved them dearly. So when the opportunity to go see "Chasing Amy" presented itself, I was there. So I get there sit down and start watching and with in the first 15 minutes half of the theater (which was packed by the way) left. So let me just say this now. THIS ISN'T SOME CHICK FLICK WITH A HAPPY ENDING. IT HAS SEX AND VALGUAR LANGUAGE, AND YES THERE IS HOMOSEXUALITY IN THIS FILM. If any or all of the things both you don't waste your cash. This movie isn't for you. Now, if these things don't bother you, "Chasing Amy" is a quite enjoyable movie.

Holden,(Ben Afflick) is the main guy and he and his friend Banky (Jason Lee) create and draw this comic book. They meet this girl Alyssa, (Joey Lauren Smith) who also draws comics. She is also a lesbian. Holden falls in love with her and well you can see all the problems that presents. It takes another look at love and relationships at a fudged up angle. Prejudges and hung-ups follow one into a relationship, but to keep a relationship one has to over come his/her hung-ups or they both are lost. Smith knows how to write a comical, yet totally serious movie. You will want to laugh and cry. This is a great movie, but don't listen to me.. I really don't make much sense…. 'cay ??

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