My Cats

These are my cats... Dimitri and Serendipity-Jane. Phoebe isn't mine.. she is Lisa's as is Chandler. Any way.. MY cats are always following and doing kitty cat things. They sleep with me.. and hog the bed. They beg for food.. which I try not to give them.. well maybe some yogurt... and cheese.. Sera loves cheese.

This is Chan.. see doesn't he look mad?

This is Sera doing what Sera does best... lounge...

Dimitri just chillin'

No you aren't seeing triple.. these are pictures that i thought look good in a grouping... don't know why.. just cause.. Oh and this is Phoebe... she is looking out the door intently... like she is going to catch that bird!!!

This is a page out of my scrap book.. I added some little add on. The black cat is J.D. he died as did my other cat Teaky Ming, she was a Lilac point siamese... do you think i like siamese??

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